Reviews: Honey & Clover

“I have finally realized why I am lost. It is not because I do not have a map… It is because I do not have a destination…”

Those words etched into my brain since the first time I heard it; and you would not believe that such deep thoughts would come from a manga turned anime series: Honey & Clover.

Categorized as drama, comedy, romance and slice of life (genre). This anime series would mostly appeal to mature viewers or anyone between the ages of 20+ to 30+ (most probably). The content is quite wholesome but the concept focuses on the daily struggle, relationship and development of each character as they go through one stage of their lives to another.

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Bullying In The Workplace…

It can happen everywhere, anytime and to just about anyone.

Let’s face it, some people just can’t grow up and the evidence is quite clear.

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Dental Braces @ 30…


I have spent most of my teenage years dealing with rejection, confrontation and probably in denial of what should happen. Now at age 30, I have finally found the courage to face one of my greatest fears: Dental Braces.

Not that I particularly care about what may people think of my appearance, but recently, I found my crooked teeth to be quite “bothersome” everytime I speak, eat or even smile. It gets in the way, literally and I just cannot afford that since I have to interact with people in my line of work. Moreover, there are certain letters that I just cannot seem to “deliver” properly due to this horrible crossbite. Yes, I am one of those who would pronounce “S” as “ESHSHTTT”.

It is a good thing that such concerns are no big deal here in the Philippines. It is quite common for people over 30 to have their dental braces and even treat them like accessories. That goes the same with teenagers and kids who would be given freedom to choose the colors of their own braces. Somehow, it is like making the most of what you have.

So now, I am scheduled to have them attached to my teeth this coming August 2011. The thought still gives me goosebumps but I am looking forward to the benefits and advantages it will bring once the treatment is over. It was not an easy decision to make but for those of you who are having seconds thoughts (should you need to have the same dental treatment), please heed my advice:

1) Younger is better.

- Sure, your classmates and friends may laugh at you but what do they know? I have seen people who were considered freaks, weirdos and nerds (just because of the way they look) who turned out to be quite pleasing as they grow older. Remember that braces are not a permanent thing and the sole purpose is to “correct” the alignment of your teeth. Just give it 2 – 3 years and you will have the last laugh.

2) Choose your dentist/orthodontist  carefully.

- It is bad enough that you are letting someone  perform unknown procedures in your mouth. It could be worse when that particular someone does not really care about how you feel, but more about the bucks. Believe me, I have been through a lot before deciding on which orthodontist I should trust. The first one would not even give me an idea about the whole process, she just immediately calculated the total amount that I should spend over my dental treatment. The second one, he was so happy providing me all the gory details of the procedure that I could not even find myself looking forward to the results.  I am not sure if he even saw the horror written on my face before I left the clinic. The third is probably my best choice. She asked me lots of questions about my health, gave me some ideas about the tools and procedures that she would probably use,  gave my teeth a thorough check-up (for free), provided a long list of advice about how to take care of my gums and teeth before going through the procedure, gave me options regarding the payment, advised to get another opinion if I am not satisfied with her plans… etc… She is perfect!!! Anyway, it is then that I have decided to schedule my treatment on August. As for her, she told me that I could call her anytime I am ready. Amazing, isn’t she?

3) Know what to expect.

- Pain, pain and more pain. I know that each of us are on different levels when it comes to pain tolerance. However, expecting the worst is probably the best thing that you could ever do to yourself. This way, the pain in real life would not amount to anything compared to your imagination. Just don’t let that imagination run your life and decisions, alright?

So, that is basically it for now. I will probably provide more updates about this topic after August. Hopefully, I will be able to give  more information that could really help. Until then, ciao…

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